Hong Ma (R.TCMP.,R.Ac) Over 15 Years Canadian Experience

Hong Ma is a Registered TCM Practitioner and Registered Acupuncturist in Ontario. She completed her Chinese Medical degree from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for a period of five years. She  has worked extensively in the health care system of China. For the past 18 years she has been working in Toronto and Oakville, offering her services to a wide range of patients. She has been teaching Acupuncture and TCM at Academy Clinical Chinese Medicine of Toronto. Hong Ma is a member in good standing with  CTCMPAO

and The Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Her focus is to improve the way her clients feel and perform during all levels of activity by several therapeutic interventions in any one treatment to maximize treatment effectiveness.


Acupuncture therapy dates back over five thousand years and western science and technology is validating its therapeutic benefits on practically a daily basis. There is no longer any doubt that acupuncture can significantly improve your health and overall sense of wellbeing.

Herbal Medicine

There are numerous documented benefits for Chinese Herbal Medicine, including relief from pain, nerve damage, acne, gall stones, and many other conditions as well as increased stamina, energy and sense of well being.Chinese herbal medicines have been adopted in many different countries of the world


Cupping is one of the oldest traditions in Chinese medicine and dates back to the fourth century. It is commonly used in China as a therapy for respiratory ailments (asthma, bronchitis, congestion, Etc) as well as gastrointestinal conditions, arthritis and some types of pain.


With this technique, to facilitate healing,the small, spongy mugwort herb is burned on the point. Moxibustion aims to stimulate the flow of qi (vital body energy), strengthen the blood and generally maintain good health and wellbeing. It has had particular success in Western medicine as a means to turn breach babies before birth and to help with gynecological complaints.