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Studied traditional Chinese medicine for a period of five years before graduating from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. more


Acupuncture As A Therapy

The World Health Organization has identified a number of diseases and disorders that can be treated with acupuncture.A partial listing of the diseases,symptoms or conditions for which acupuncture has been proven through controlled trials to be an effective treatment are:


• Headache & Migraine
• Neck & Shoulder pain
• Sciatica & Back pain
• Tennis / Golfer Elbow
• Strain Injury & Arthritis
• Anxiety & Depression
• Allergies, Cough & Asthma
• Loss of appetite and common digestive disorders
• Constipation and diarrhoea
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Common cold and influenza
• Chronic Fatigue
• Menstrual problems
• Menopausal discomfort
• Infertility
• Insomnia
• Dizziness
• Diarrhea
• Hypertension & High cholesterol
• Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis
• Quit Smoking
• Weight loss

Research Involving Acupuncture

The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that to date,modern scientific research studies have revealed the following actions of acupuncture:

Inducing analgesia

Protecting the body against infections

regulating various physiological functions

The WH O also point out that numerous laboratory studies have provided further evidence of the efficacy of acupuncture's analgesic action as well as an explanation of the mechanism involved.In fact,the excellent analgesic effects of acupuncture have stimulated research on pain.Because of the side effects of long-term drug therapy for pain and the risks of dependence,acupuncture analgesia can be regarded as the method of choice for treationg many chronically painful conditions.

Many acupuncture patients utilize acupuncture therapy because,as the WHO points out,since its therapeutic actions are achieved by mobilization of the organism's own potential,acupuncture does not produce adverse effects,as do many drug therapies.

They further go on to state,"Physicians should be willing to discuss with their patients the potential use of acupuncture as a means of pain management."


What is the Acupuncture history?

Most experts would say that acupuncture is at least 2000 years old. The exact age is less important than the fact that Oriental Medicine is the most widely utilized healing system on this planet.

Its roots are in China, but the fruits of its potential to help the sick and injured are apparent in many places, including all of Asia, Europe and America.

Today, the art and science of Acupuncture / Oriental Medicine is still not understood by many, yet it continues to gain popularity and acceptance because of one fact - IT WORKS.