Hong Ma (R.TCMP)
Registered  TCM Practitioner Registered Acupuncturist  
Over 10 Years Canadian Experience

Studied traditional Chinese medicine for a period of five years before graduating from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. more

Acupuncture is not currently covered by OHIP. However, acupuncture is often covered by private insurance plans or extended health benefits.

Acupuncture $100 for first time acupuncture treatment and Consultations
$80 (60 minutes) Free 10 Minutes Massage and cupping

$100(70 minutes) Free 20 Minutes Massage and cupping

Cosmetic Acupuncture $150 (120 minutes)
Chinese Tui Na Massage $100 (60 minutes)
$60 (30 minutes)
Children Tuina Massage $20 (10 minutes)
Pills and Tea $ 10--60 Each
Herbs $ 10--20 Each bag
Diagnosis $50
Only apply to the first time herbs treatment.
“The exterior reflects the interior.” This is the guiding principle in diagnosis. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners utilize many parts
of the body, which are directly accessible by touch or sight.
Package Acupuncture: $800 / 11 Times
Cosmetic Acupuncture: $ 1500 / 11 Times
Gift Certificate Available as various amounts
Please note: We only accept Cash & Cheque.